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« on: 02 Jan 2016, 15:05 »
It has become fairly obvious to me in my testing that at low activity times in Turbo Poker, it becomes a lot easier to lose. I would request a more complex way of setting scheduling than is currently available. At present it lets my set a single to and from time in a day. If people are normally eating, say 5-6.30 UK time, it is quieter. If people are watching the football on a Saturday and Sunday during the 2 sessions etc, and other events, these are loss times I am finding.

I am assuming that at these times the computer takes over to make the market and also to protect its investment to make the market.

It would help if I could set days and several times during the day to trade, as midnight to 10.30 is also a quite time. So there are multiple periods in some days when trading on Poker is dangerous, and having to do this manually defeats some of the point of automation. Especially if I am away fro the weekend but still want the system to work.

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Re: Scheduling
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Well If you have a system that works at busy times,  congratulations are indeed deserved.  The markets are not formed by punters that may be subect to human traits.  Betfair makes the majority of the liquidity with their own bots.  In the early days of x-games I believe there were indpendent market makers also using bots, but I think these no longer exist.    So, in theory, there should be no difference in average results experienced during any period.


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