Author Topic: Trend-line Related Auto betting on Poker  (Read 5721 times)

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Trend-line Related Auto betting on Poker
« on: 06 Feb 2016, 15:30 »
Can the trend variable currently be used to tell the bot to bet or not bet in auto-trade type mode, depending on where the actual P/L (real or simulated) is in relation to the predetermined trend line Simple or Exponential  MA value?

I would like to be able to decide what the moving average should be for the trend line, and then the bot is then set to bet when actual (or simulated) P/L line is above the trend line (by the number of points I decide), and not bet when the actual P/L line moves under the trend line. This could get rid of the plummet in trading when the trend of the Poker game is in a downward spiral, as it does periodically over a day, and bet when it is in the upward arc.

Ideally this would be able to be used in sim mode (so it can be tested and tweaked)or live mode.

I hope this makes sense?


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