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failed trigger and refund
« on: Fri, 06 July, 2018, 06:12 »
hi guys

i started a trial, could not log in for the first few days. had issues loggin.
bought a trigger, which has not worked. was trying like mad to get it to work on the last day which never happened.
so now my trial has ended and i have not had a chance to see if this xfeeder works.
whats the chances of xfeeder giving me some more time with a trial?
and if not whats my chances of refund for the failed trigger i bought?
has anybody ever had a trial extended for a bit and a refund for a failed trigger?

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Re: failed trigger and refund
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 06 July, 2018, 07:14 »
Since Welldone doesn't sell any triggers, I don't think they'll be offering a refund for another person's failed trigger.  You could still ask them to extend your trial a bit as they are nice people.

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Re: failed trigger and refund
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 06 July, 2018, 08:11 »

We'll prolong your trial for the time sent to get it working. Sorry for inconveniences - it's a technical problem with your computer configuration.
The trigger development is not refundable as we've done the trigger exactly as you described. We spent our time and you paid for it.
I can make some minor changes to your trigger if you need. Please see my reply in the private trigger's topic.

If your strategy/trigger doesn't make you money as you expected it's not our fault. Hope you understand.
I'm happy to help Monday - Friday, 08:00-18:00 GMT
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