• #1 by stenlyaka on 29 Apr 2022
  • Hello everyone .
    I have been  fighting a problem for few days .
    Not sure what caused it , most likely it is something outside X-Feeder .
    Any idea would be highly appreciated . Here it is :
    - X -Feeder  fails to open a  bet or fails to settle a bet  .I was wondering why and noticed that at the time of failure there is no quotation . If I immediately refresh manually ( the green curved arrows upper left hand side ) - miracle , all fine- the numbers appear and X - Feeder does what it is supposed to do . . My refresh rate is set at 1  second .
    Could it be some software/antivirus/firewall conflict ??

    Thanks in advance !
  • #2 by stenlyaka on 01 May 2022
  • Guys
    Is there stable version of X-Feeder Lite  ?