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In anticipation of the FIFA World Cup 2022, we are publishing a new football report for the following strategy:

At the chosen minute of a football match, back £1 on the Away* team in a Match Odds market if its price is up to the limit that you can set (from 2.0 to 10.0).

The minimum matched volume percentage** (from 10% to 60%) of the Away team must be specified using the widgets below.

The maximum volume percentage of the Draw selection (from 3% to 15%) can also be set up using a widget.

*The Away team will always come as the second selection in the Match Odds market.

**The matched volume percentage is the share of the total amount of matched bets placed in the market.

We are looking at the data from 76K+ football Match Odds markets with at least £4,000 at the time of betting.

You get to adjust the following parameters:

  • bet minute
  • minimum back price
  • minimum Away team's volume %
  • maximum Draw's volume %
  • country
  • league

The interactive widgets allow you to play with the above parameters and instantly see the profit/loss prediction.

We have prepared three profit/loss filter profiles for you with strategy settings that have produced profit in the long-term betting model.

Here is a glimpse of one of these profiles:

You will find the report here:

Backing the Away team based on the Draw's volume

If you need a custom-built private BFStats report, please reach out to us here:

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