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Version -- Limit the number of refreshed markets etc.
« on: Sun, 31 December, 2017, 15:56 »
In today’s New Year update:


1. We have added the option to limit the number of simultaneously refreshed markets or events. See the attached screenshot limit_refreshed_markets.png to find this option in Monitoring Options. Use this option to save the resources of your computers when maintaining a large number of markets in My Markets list. 

This can be of great help if you use Market Locator to add markets automatically, and on a typical Saturday evening there can be hundreds of, say, football markets available. This option works in the following way: suppose, you have 100 markets that are about to start refreshing. If you chose to limit the number of simultaneously refreshed markets to 10, the program will start refreshing the 10 markets whose starting time is closest to the current time. Once any of those markets stop refreshing (regardless of the reason – you could stop them manually or they could finish on their own), the next closest markets will start refreshing, again, to the total number of 10 and so on.

If you choose to limit the number of events, then the program will aggregate your markets by their sports event (for example, Match Odds and Correct Score markets of the same football match will count as one event) and again limit the number of simultaneously refreshed events. That said, if one of the markets in a particular event stops being refreshed, for example, an Over/Under 0.5 goals stops after a goal is scored, provided that there are other markets belonging to this event, the program will not start refreshing another event, until all markets of the former event have stopped.

Please note there is no way to turn this option off entirely. You can set the limit to the highest number of 500. We believe that no currently available PC can maintain more markets than 500 at the same time (we strongly suspect that this number is often in the range of 80–100 in practice).

You can still refresh any market you wish manually by pressing the refresh button.

We have also added a trigger variable returning the number of markets that are currently waiting to be started, waiting_market_num.

2.      In the triggers, you can now set a trigger to be executed “once per sports event.” This will make it fire only once per a match/game/race etc., even if you are monitoring several markets belonging to that event. The new feature will help a great deal with cross-market strategies involving bets in different markets of the same event. We are preparing some trigger examples to demonstrate the benefits of this feature.

3.      In the triggers, you can check the number of times a trigger was executed in the current sports event using the new condition parameter:

Trigger’s Number of runs in the event is equal to/greater than/less than …

So for example, if you monitor all Over/Under markets of each football game, you can use this condition to limit the number of bets you place in one game to, say, 2:

Trigger’s Number of runs in the event is less than 2

So if the trigger backs on Under 0.5 goals and Under 2.5 goals, it will stop there and will never back on Under 3.5 Goals, etc. until you start refreshing another match.

4.      In the triggers, we have added a new variable scope:

Individually per each sports event

As the name suggests, you can now define a variable to be “seen” inside a particular sports event, such as a race, a game, a match, etc. So for example, if you want to lay on 0-0 in Correct Score and in 10 minutes back on Over 0.5 goals for a fraction of the first bet’s liability, you can set a variable liab_00 in Correct Score right after the lay bet, and then use that liab_00 variable in the trigger that backs on Over 0.5 goals – the variable will be seen in that market (see the trigger example attached)

5.      We now distinguish between winners and placed horses in Place, TBP and Each Way markets in horse racing and Greyhound racing. You will now see two types of labels in a settled Place markets – “Winner” and “Winning Place” instead of just “Winning Place” (see the screenshot winners_and_placed.png attached). This should help calculate the settled P/L of some bets more accurately.

You can download the new version (we will make an official release a bit later) from this link:

MarketFeeder Pro

Happy New year to everyone and the best of luck in 2018!
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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