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In today's update:


1. For Swedish clients: starting from January 01, all BetFair users from Sweden must log in to MarketFeeder Pro or other bots via a new endpoint (URL). Therefore, you must download this version to be able to keep using MF Pro.

2. We have added a new scope for user variables and trigger execution, "individually for racecourse". This means you can read and write some of your variables across the markets of the same racecourse (for horse racing) or Greyhound stadium (for Greyhound racing). You can, for example, keep track of your losses and profits within the same racecourse and adjust your staking plans accordingly.

A racecourse normally hosts several events (races) per day, and variables with this scope will be visible and will have the same values in each of these events.
Similarly, you can check the number of trigger execution in the given racecourse, as well as set a trigger to be executed "once per racecourse", which means that once this trigger has fired in one market of the current racecourse/stadium, it will never fire in any other markets of the same venue, unless you reload the triggers.

3. The formula r_ticks(price, 0) now returns the first parameter (the price) adjusted for the correct value based on its price range. E.g. if you write r_ticks(10.17, 0), it will return 10.0, if you write r_ticks(2.57, 0), it will return 2.58 and so on.

4. You can now search for markets that start as close as in 0.05 days (1 hour 12 minutes) in Market Locator (Search for up to 0.05 days ahead). This will help you reduce the number of markets found at any given time, for example, with football markets on a Saturday evening.

5. We have added a panel showing the total number of markets in My Markets, as well as the number of refreshing and In-Play markets.


1. We have fixed the bug that failed to import selections from the text file if you chose "Reimport every ... sec", then renamed or removed the file in the process, and later created it again.

2. Time Machine: the prefix football19_ (Half Time/Full Time) was not being parsed correctly in Time Machine markets.

The new version is to be officially released in a short time.

For now, please use the following link to download the new setup file:

Download MarketFeeder Pro v.
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Re: Version - once per racecourse, login for Swedish clients, etc.
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 14 January, 2019, 00:42 »
Hi Oxa,

When logging in to MFPro I get a message pop-up that a new version is available etc, I select Yes to go to the download page but then get a message that the download page does not exist.

What is the recommended way of upgrading to 
I am in Australia.

Thnx for any advice!

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Re: Version - once per racecourse, login for Swedish clients, etc.
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 14 January, 2019, 07:41 »
press the link above.

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