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Selection scope for User variables
« on: 18 Dec 2013, 21:56 »

It would be of great value to add a new scope to the "set user variable" trigger action, so that we could associate data with a selection. This variable would be accessed much like "remembered variables".

"set user variable" 
name: "rating"
value: "back_volume*100/(back_volume+lay_volume)"
"Individually for each selection"

This way - on this example - we could assign a calculated rating to a selection. Later, on any other trigger condition, we could refer to variable "rating", and that would return the rating of the selection being evaluated.

There is some discussion on the thread:

Thank you for taking into consideration.

Best regards,

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Re: Selection scope for User variables
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug 2014, 13:17 »
I absolutely agree that this would be an incredibly useful addition.

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Re: Selection scope for User variables
« Reply #2 on: 09 Sep 2014, 09:02 »
you can do this by haveing a variable for each selection.
name  s1r
value  s_1_back_volume*100/(s_1_back_volume+s_1_lay_volume)

1=index 1

so all you do is change the 1 to 2 for index 2 and so on, to as many selections that you want to record whatever value etc.
name  s2r
value  s_2_back_volume*100/(s_2_back_volume+s_2_lay_volume)

as many times as you want in one trigger, by adding actions.

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Re: Selection scope for User variables
« Reply #3 on: 05 Oct 2014, 15:35 »
Hi nfgrilo, were you able to test out the tip from McBee? How did this work out if I may ask?
Automatic isn't always everything.

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Re: Selection scope for User variables
« Reply #4 on: 15 Feb 2016, 16:25 »
I'd like to add my humble voice for the "selection" scope for user variables request.  I've been trying a workaround inspired by mcbee's suggestion but I'm ending up crashing the program.  Just one very small part of one trigger looks like this for example (assuming a maximum possible field of 40 runners):

(IF(sel_index=1, layPriceS1c,  IF( sel_index=2, layPriceS2c, IF( sel_index=3, layPriceS3c, IF( sel_index=4, layPriceS4c,   IF( sel_index=5, layPriceS5c,   IF( sel_index=6, layPriceS6c,  IF( sel_index=7, layPriceS7c,  IF( sel_index=8, layPriceS8c,  IF( sel_index=9, layPriceS9c,  IF( sel_index=10, layPriceS10c,  IF( sel_index=11, layPriceS11c,  IF( sel_index=12, layPriceS12c,  IF( sel_index=13, layPriceS13c,  IF( sel_index=14, layPriceS14c,  IF( sel_index=15, layPriceS15c,   IF( sel_index=16, layPriceS16c,  IF( sel_index=17, layPriceS17c,  IF( sel_index=18, layPriceS18c,  IF( sel_index=19, layPriceS19c,  IF( sel_index=20, layPriceS20c,  IF( sel_index=21, layPriceS21c,  IF( sel_index=22, layPriceS22c,  IF( sel_index=23, layPriceS23c,  IF( sel_index=24, layPriceS24c,  IF( sel_index=25, layPriceS25c, IF( sel_index=26, layPriceS26c,  IF( sel_index=27, layPriceS27c,  IF( sel_index=28, layPriceS28c,  IF( sel_index=29, layPriceS29c,  IF( sel_index=30, layPriceS30c,  IF( sel_index=31, layPriceS31c,  IF( sel_index=32, layPriceS32c,  IF( sel_index=33, layPriceS33c,  IF( sel_index=34, layPriceS34c,  IF( sel_index=35, layPriceS35c,  IF( sel_index=36, layPriceS36c,  IF( sel_index=37, layPriceS37c,  IF( sel_index=38, layPriceS38c,   IF( sel_index=39, layPriceS39c,  IF( sel_index=40, layPriceS40c,1.01      )                    )                   )                    )                    )                     )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                     )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                   )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                   )               )           )      ) )) *lay_matched/(IF(sel_index=1, backPriceS1c,  IF( sel_index=2, backPriceS2c, IF( sel_index=3, backPriceS3c, IF( sel_index=4, backPriceS4c,   IF( sel_index=5, backPriceS5c,   IF( sel_index=6, backPriceS6c,  IF( sel_index=7, backPriceS7c,  IF( sel_index=8, backPriceS8c,  IF( sel_index=9, backPriceS9c,  IF( sel_index=10, backPriceS10c,  IF( sel_index=11, backPriceS11c,  IF( sel_index=12, backPriceS12c,  IF( sel_index=13, backPriceS13c,  IF( sel_index=14, backPriceS14c,  IF( sel_index=15, backPriceS15c,   IF( sel_index=16, backPriceS16c,  IF( sel_index=17, backPriceS17c,  IF( sel_index=18, backPriceS18c,  IF( sel_index=19, backPriceS19c,  IF( sel_index=20, backPriceS20c,  IF( sel_index=21, backPriceS21c,  IF( sel_index=22, backPriceS22c,  IF( sel_index=23, backPriceS23c,  IF( sel_index=24, backPriceS24c,  IF( sel_index=25, backPriceS25c, IF( sel_index=26, backPriceS26c,  IF( sel_index=27, backPriceS27c,  IF( sel_index=28, backPriceS28c,  IF( sel_index=29, backPriceS29c,  IF( sel_index=30, backPriceS30c,  IF( sel_index=31, backPriceS31c,  IF( sel_index=32, backPriceS32c,  IF( sel_index=33, backPriceS33c,  IF( sel_index=34, backPriceS34c,  IF( sel_index=35, backPriceS35c,  IF( sel_index=36, backPriceS36c,  IF( sel_index=37, backPriceS37c,  IF( sel_index=38, backPriceS38c,   IF( sel_index=39, backPriceS39c,  IF( sel_index=40, backPriceS40c,1000      )                    )                   )                    )                    )                     )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                     )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                   )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                    )                   )               )           )      ) ) ) - (back_matched+back_unmatched)

Excel isn't an ideal option either as it takes too much computer resources.

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Re: Selection scope for User variables
« Reply #5 on: 11 Sep 2019, 13:39 »
I agree with nfgrilo first post... it would be very useful to have this feature!


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