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Historical data missing markets
« on: 15 Aug 2021, 12:29 »

I recently bought some horse racing historical data.

All seemed alright until I got to 12th June 2021. This was a Saturday and when I opened that day I saw that there were only 14 races. I thought this was strange for a Saturday in summer. I checked what meetings had occurred on that day and found that 5 meeting are missing.

Is this a regular occurrence? It is not good for testing strategies that rely on results from previous races.

I have not checked any other days.

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Re: Historical data missing markets
« Reply #1 on: 15 Aug 2021, 21:05 »
Hello John,

Yes, BetFair reported us that some data may be missed (for example they "lost" the UEFA 2020 final :( )
Sometimes they just postpone the data delivery, we are constantly monitoring their service for missing markets.
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