Author Topic: Back Dutching Place Market  (Read 3262 times)

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Back Dutching Place Market
« on: 26 Jun 2014, 21:06 »

Is it possible to back dutch the place market ?

Reason  I ask is because I have a trigger which should aim to win £10 and it works fine in WIN markets but in place markets it bets some strange amount aiming to win < £1 ?

Very strange.

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Re: Back Dutching Place Market
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jun 2014, 09:05 »
Hi cybernet69,

In Place markets the winnings you get are summed up from multiple selections. The way P/L is calculated is different from the win market, that is why you see them as "strange". Dutching works for place markets as well as for win markets, but the principle behind it is different. The program will aim at winning a fixed amount of money from any n winners, where n is the number of winning places.

So you sum up the potential profit from any, say, three selections - and it should be equal to the profit value you set for the Dutching.
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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