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I have a set of horse race markets. The markets loaded are Place, 3 TBP and 4 TBP, one of which I place a bet. Of course, obviously, you can't have 3 TBP and 4 TBP on the same time/meeting. Place is ALWAYS available, unless its a win only condition, and besides, I only bet in races with at least 6 runners, so we always have a Place and (4 TBP or 3 TBP)

I am looking to gain 1.05 points, and then stop betting, and I use the total_won trigger expression to determine this.

The problem is, even though I can see that I have gained at least 1.05 points, there may be a bet that is still in place.

So, I am looking to check the total_won value ONLY once the place and corresponding 3 TBP/4 TBP have settled, given that I have placed a bet in one of these markets, and only then allow a further bet if the 1.05 points has not been reached. I can do the majority of this, but I am not sure how to check that the place and corresponding TBP have both settled.

Is there a simple way to achieve this?


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Re: conditional betting upon settled previous markets
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market_inplay = 3 is settled status

cross-market prefixes that point directly to that market type:
rcplc_ = place markets horses and greyhound
hr3b_ = horses 3TBP
hr4b_ = horses 4TBP

Test total_won under the following conditions:

selections trigger expression rcplc_market_inplay is equal to 3
    selections trigger expression hr3b_market_inplay is equal to 3
    or selections trigger expression hr4b_market_inplay is equal to 3

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Re: conditional betting upon settled previous markets
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Yet again MarkV, you are fantastic!

thanks again.


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