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Importing selections
« on: 18 May 2022, 21:53 »
When using "Import selections for auto-trading", as far as I know, you must put a list of selections in a text file like this:

"Akvile Parazinskaite"
"Caroline Lampl"
"Cadence Brace"
"Maria Kononova"
"Elizabeth Mandlik"
"Almudena Sanz-Llaneza Fernandez"

My concern is, when auto-trading tennis matches, you may come up against 2 people with the same name.
You may also have a player selected on the Monday, and you forget to delete them, and the same player plays on Tuesday, they are automatically a selection for the Tuesday, even if you didn't want them to be.

My question is, is there another way of importing selections.  Something more robust, like a combination of the event_id and the selection_id for example?

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Re: Importing selections
« Reply #1 on: 19 May 2022, 08:47 »
Yes, you can use "Trigger expression is in file" condition for whatever you need.
For example

Selection's Trigger Expression "event_id:sel_id" is in file c:\sels.txt

It's not exactly the same as "Import selections for auto-trading" but should work.
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Re: Importing selections
« Reply #2 on: 20 May 2022, 18:46 »
This is exactly what I wanted, Thanks Tim.


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