Author Topic: In play football trading [TCKTWQQ-587606]  (Read 3436 times)

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In play football trading [TCKTWQQ-587606]
« on: Mon, 30 September, 2013, 15:18 »
Copied from a support request:
Could you let me know if it is possible to programme the bot to execute trades at a specific time in the match.

For example, to execute a trade after the 60th minute of the match as indicated by Betfair.

This is not the same as, say, for a 3pm kickoff, executing trades after 4.15pm.
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Re: In play football trading [TCKTWQQ-587606]
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 30 September, 2013, 16:04 »

Yes and no...

You can get a trigger to execute so many minutes since the off (i.e. kick off) as the software starts counting as soon as the market goes in-play.

But... if you wanted it to place a bet at 60 minutes, you would have to use something like execute 78 minutes since the off because it keeps counting during half time etc... (45 minutes first half + 3 minutes guessed injury time + 15 minutes half time + 15 minutes second half = 78 minutes). So if you don't mind it executing 58 to 65 minutes into the game you should be fine.

Hope this helps,

Yeah! :p

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Re: In play football trading [TCKTWQQ-587606]
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 03 October, 2013, 20:26 »
the answer is yes, because you want the time to be the same as betfair (the bot is linked to betfairs time).
if you let us know what market you want to bet in, then we can make a trigger for you to use and learn from.

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