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« on: 12 Feb 2023, 02:20 »
Hi all,

I was hoping someone can provide some advice. 

I manually place back bets using bookies on selected runners about 6 hours on average before they run. 

The selected runners and the back odds (at the time the back bets were placed) are then put into a txt file and imported into MFP. 

I then have a trigger in MFP that lays the selected runners before the off for equal profit/loss.

The formula I use to determine laying amount is (back odds x back stake) / (lay odds - commission)

This works well however I do not know how to handle non-runners in the field (not my selection). If the lay bet wins then this isn’t an issue. However, if the bookie back bet wins then the deduction due to the non-runner totally screws up the P/L calculation. I end up laying more than I should in MFP. 

Does anyone have any advice or tips to get around this? 

Note: I do not play the back bets on MFP because I get much better odds using the bookies at the time the bets need to be placed. 


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Re: Non-runners
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There are a few variables in MFP that you can use for withdrawn runners:

Market Variables
withdrawn_number = The number of withdrawn selections at the moment the variable is called
reduction = The overall reduction factor of all non-runners in the market. This is the sum of all withdrawn selections' reduction factors.

Selection Variable
redfactor = Betfair's reduction factor percentage should this selection be withdrawn

In the attached screenshot:
green row = redfactor
yellow row = reduction

in this market 1 selection has been withdrawn and the total overall reduction factor in the market is 1.3%

in test mode try a formula like: your laying amount*(100-reduction)/100 

hope this helps  

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