Author Topic: Same trigger expression: true and false at same time  (Read 1919 times)

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I used the same expression in the case "football13_s_back_price is equal or greater than 1.01" in 2 different triggers: under/over 6.5 and under/over 7.5 of the same block.

Strangely or maybe not i had this too diferent results for the same game at the same time in the 2 triggers:

In u/o 6.5. the condition was "valid for 1 selection: under 6.5 goals", therefore supposedly true. In u/o 7.5 it was false.

I send a print screen attached with both logs: My refresh rate is 10 seconds, so they are from the same refresh.

Does someone can explain me why it happens? Or it shouldn´t happen?


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Re: Same trigger expression: true and false at same time
« Reply #1 on: 12 Feb 2016, 18:11 »
Hi again,

I´ve been thinking about it and i think i know what happened.

I´ve a refresh rate of 10 seconds and several trigger on an unique block of triggers each one is set to be executed once per market.As i´ve many markets on the MFPpro instance each trigger is "refreshed" each 4 to 5 seconds.

So, what probably happened was that each trigger used data from a different refresh. So in one the expression was true, but as new data from a new refresh was received the next trigger of the same block already used that new data where the prices had changed.

Therefore in one the expression was true and in the other even with the same exact time on the log as it differs some tenths of seconds, it already used new data with new prices thus the value of the expression has changed.

What do you think about this interpretation? And how can i make all the triggers of the same block use the same data refresh?



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