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Copied from a support request:

Never worked with MarketFeeder, but seems rather complete with the triggers.
Need your help. I lay on several horses 60 seconds before live.
The highest is at a limit of 100. Sometimes one layed at 40 or 50
wins...dawn... there goes a big red
In a race with 10 or 11 horses I may lay 5 horses with odds from 50 to
6, can I use your software just to lay for example all them with 2€, the
highest at 50 also with 2€ but can I put a trigger that if him gets to
odd 2.0, I back it at 25€ or other horse with other value at that odd? ?
Like that I still have the possibility of win with the others, in case
they dont reach 2.0, I win and at the same time I reduce my
responsibility to 0, on that horse that had a possibility of win? Did I
explained myself correctly? Can it be done that? My objective is just to
act in case of the horse has the real possibility of winning, while with
the other horses I dont have to worry because they dont reach the
trigger odd.
Or in case the resdponsability gets to high, could it be spread in two
or three odds? Something like at 2.0 to have 12.5€ and at 1,99 to have
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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  • I think I could be on to something here!
I think they have failed to understand pay out ... laying at high odds and backing at lower odds is red all around (guaranteed loss).

And just because the horse had traded at 2.00 it does not mean it has won.

lay $2 @ 50 = $98 payout for when lay wins
back $50 @ 2.00 = $50 win .. still $48 loss ...
should the horse trade at 2.00 and not go on to win the race ... $50 loss on the back and $2 win on the lay .. -$48
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