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Trigger Expression Questions
« on: Wed, 09 January, 2013, 04:15 »
I have several trigger expression questions:

1. Is the following trigger used for waiting 60 seconds after market suspension?
and  Selection's   Trigger Expression(now_time-last_inplay)/0.00001157  is greater than  60
Is this the same as:
and Market's Minutes Since Last Suspension is greater than 1
Can these in conjunction with other conditions be used to wait a certain time after a goal is scored to have a more settled market and therefore a better price to lay or back?
2. I am trying to delete Match Odds Markets, say 1 minute before the off, where the favourite is equal or less than say 1.80. Would the following do?
Delete non Favourites
delete market
Selections: All Matching Selections   Markets: All Markets    Market Status: Idle or Suspended Execute: once per market
Conditions are met:
and Market's Name contains "Match Odds"
Selection's Trigger Expression  s_1_lay_price  is greater than 1.80 or use r_1_lay_price?
This applies to both home and away favourites.
If I also have the correct score market for the same game that I want to delete, how do I also delete that market at the same time?

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Re: Trigger Expression Questions
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 09 January, 2013, 08:28 »
Minutes since last suspension is time since the market was last suspended
last_inplay is when the market was last turned inplay.
(The market could be suspended, but not turned inplay again e.g. weather, crowd trouble, data feed etc.)
Yes you can use the different conditions to back each other up.
The trigger expression for time can be used in other ways, for example, one minute since last back bet was matched:
Trigger Expression(now_time-bm_backtime)/0.00001157 is greater than 60

Delete market
Condition block
market’s name contains “Match Odds”
and favourites back price is equal or less than 1.80
Condition block
market’s name contains “Correct Score”

You might also want to delete the CS market only if the MO markets meets your conditions. The attached trigger should do it (untested - please use test mode). Be aware the trigger uses the MO market to check the conditions, so do not delete the MO market before CS.
Please read the following disclaimer with regards to the information you may request and obtain on our forum. This specifically concerns trigger files and various instructions as to how to implement a strategy.

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Re: Trigger Expression Questions
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 09 January, 2013, 08:34 »
on point 1 .. suspension does not always = a goal!

goals get disallowed, red cards, penalties {result in suspension i think}
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