Author Topic: GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS! Special World Cup 2014!  (Read 18761 times)

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A football trigger "Special World Cup 2014" will be available very soon for only £30!

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It's hot today, temperatures are completely crazy, so we'll make it short so that you can quickly return to your sofa, quietly, with a good cold drink...

Hey guys, the following is important: in one day the big party begins, and I invite you to participate!

Yes, tomorrow, it is the beginning of the 2014 World Cup, the World Cup in Brazil, this long-awaited event for 4 years! 32 countries participating, the party will be huge!

To schedule, please note that the opening game takes place Thursday evening: Brazil - Croatia at 9 pm (GMT). And England plays its first game on the next Sunday.
We will follow the event very closely, and we hope you will do the same!

To participate even more in the party, and to put you totally in the mood of the World Cup, what about winning money in addition? Anyone?

Yes, it is possible, and our trigger makes it possible: no less than 64 games during the World Cup... and 64 games mean 64 chances to win!
The system scans every “Half Time Correct Score” and “Correct Score” markets of each game during the World Cup to find any value bets.

In addition to the strategy itself, a very powerful staking plan has been applied.
Precisely, we asked a University Graduate who is a qualified mathematician and statistician for making our system a WINNING one.

Based on our FAMOUS STAKING PLAN used in our “Horse Racing Profit Maker” trigger, this wonderful automatic system will work without attention during the entire WORLD CUP… a formula that will automatically keep your betting on sound lines.

So rush off £30 for your subscription without delay!

Backing System
World Cup Football
“Correct Score” and “Half Time Correct Score” markets
Designed for Market Feeder Pro and Excel
The trigger automatically chooses and places the bets before the off, no need to stay all the day in front of your computer!
Quicker and safer!
Low risk staking plan using price groups, no bet at odds-on
Test mode available
Easy to set up with our automatic MFP settings installation

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Re: GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS! Special World Cup 2014!
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Our Football Trigger "FIFAWorldCup2014" is available NOW on our website.

Don't miss out, ORDER NOW this trigger "Special Event"!

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Re: GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS! Special World Cup 2014!
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GOOD START for our "FIFA WorldCup2014" Football Trigger!

Go to to see the results.

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Re: GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS! Special World Cup 2014!
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We are pleased to announce that we have increased the number of subscriptions available for FIFAWorldCup2014 Trigger due to numerous requests. 10 MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS!

Don't miss out, go to

Find out a user testimony:
I am very pleased with the trigger which apart from one small glitch (very quickly resloved by Alex) is working well and is in profit.  With the exception of rows A & F all price odds brackets are in profit. Row F may even also be in profit if I had not forgotten to link excel to MF for the Iran Nigeria game lol.

Your customer support is excellent in particular providing rapid responses to any technical issues.  The presentation of the product and supporting documentation is amongst the best I have received for any item I have purchased on line.
Whilst I clearly have very little understanding of how the trigger is working in the background i.e. the logic and the decision making processes involved, based on the small basket of markets run to date the concept appears to be sound.

You are clearly a team that accept nothing less than very professional and tried and tested products.  Lets hope for continued success with the FIFA trigger for the remainder of the tournament and I look forward to trying out your other available triggers in the near future.

To your/our continued success!


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Re: GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS! Special World Cup 2014!
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The play offs begin tonight and for this occasion "FIFAWorldCup2014" is available NOW for only £20!

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