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  1. Testing more trigger at same time
  2. Triggers. Resetting for the next horse race
  3. remembering a variable on a selection
  4. Strange auto-greenup
  5. Screen display goes from idle to suspended over and over
  6. Account statement incorrect
  7. Don't bet if no bet to be canceled
  8. Start trigger to load variables then pause monitoring.
  9. Problem with 5p bets
  10. vincular os mercados de vitória e colocação.
  11. Email account for statement
  12. Selection volume%
  13. traded prices (idle/inplay)
  14. Market Matched Amount
  15. calculations (profit)
  16. Help please - win/place sel_ids funny
  17. Corridas de Cavalos - Formulário
  18. winplace_pdif
  19. MF Default HMTL app
  20. crashes
  21. Question - Attempt to green up
  22. traded_minp
  23. trigger expression based on user variables
  24. Write to file inheriting Set User Variable "scope"?
  25. "Import Selections from file" odd behaviour for imported_1
  26. calculated trigger expression
  27. Formula question
  28. Turn off auto back bet when laying in Brief Mode
  29. SMTP General Error. The token supplied to the function is invalid
  30. p_diff
  31. First market of the day removing itself
  32. Double Quotes automate in text file
  33. distribute profit
  34. stuck on refreshing
  35. an easier way
  36. Matched Bets In SP Markets
  37. Need help with formulas (dutching)
  38. Need Help - Stop adding losses
  39. Forcing Remembered Constants to be updated
  40. How to stop an in-play horse race trigger firing after race has finished.
  41. Remember action variable in User Variables window not parsing
  42. Voided Bets
  43. Markets stop refreshing at InPlay
  44. Loading of User Variables
  45. Sum of Stakes (Liability)
  46. Small Bets since £1 change
  47. Market's name does not contain ...
  48. Triggers
  49. Multiple Ladder Windows
  50. Error code
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