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  1. match_minute
  2. Universal Sequence Reset
  3. Problems with mf pro stopping or trigger stopping
  4. Counting ticks
  5. MF crashing on account statement open
  6. in list betting on market and selection
  7. selection name in list
  8. From TimeMachine to Betfair live - pitfalls?
  9. New Posts Section has become useless
  10. Horse racing markets refreshing
  11. Triggers won't start executing
  12. Daily battle with Access violation.
  13. Error Reading FileTheme->Skindata
  14. Variable setting condition not working as I had Hoped!
  15. lt_ma
  16. Selection Parameter - Index
  17. Dutching Behaviour using one-click interface not as expected
  18. Debugging "None of the Selections Were Imported"
  19. Reversing sorting order
  20. October 2nd - Posted trigger request. Still not been viewed by staff
  21. Reset markets not working
  22. Account statement incorrect
  23. critical failure of market locator
  24. understanding on winplace remembered variable
  25. Testing more trigger at same time
  26. Triggers. Resetting for the next horse race
  27. remembering a variable on a selection
  28. Strange auto-greenup
  29. Screen display goes from idle to suspended over and over
  30. Don't bet if no bet to be canceled
  31. Start trigger to load variables then pause monitoring.
  32. Problem with 5p bets
  33. vincular os mercados de vitória e colocação.
  34. How to send emails from MarketFeeder Pro to your Gmail account
  35. Selection volume%
  36. traded prices (idle/inplay)
  37. Market Matched Amount
  38. calculations (profit)
  39. Help please - win/place sel_ids funny
  40. Corridas de Cavalos - Formulário
  41. winplace_pdif
  42. MF Default HMTL app
  43. crashes
  44. Question - Attempt to green up
  45. traded_minp
  46. trigger expression based on user variables
  47. Write to file inheriting Set User Variable "scope"?
  48. "Import Selections from file" odd behaviour for imported_1
  49. calculated trigger expression
  50. Formula question
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