• #1 by markoone11 on 05 Dec 2017
  • Hi,

    I am here to have another rant about MFP! - I am truly hoping that one of you experienced guys tells me how stupid I am, by doing something that is totally wrong, at which point I will hang my head in shame, and apologise, but, so far, what I have done in my trigger seems to be right....

    I am not really sure what the point is in being able to separate out 'selections' and get particular data respective to a selection, and yet, it is not possible to separate out individual conditions for each strategy using that selection.

    I have a number of strategies, their names are not important, and for the purposes of the text, I will refer to them as <stratName>, but, today, if you observe the image, I had one of the strategies place a lay bet, and another strategy place 2 lay bets, all on the same selection.

    I added to my trigger the following to write to a CSV file...


    which as you know, will produce an entry in the csv file I assign to, as for example


    OK, so, given the above, you can see that the strategy,T2RM3_A1A2D1D2WL, triggers the selection, "Streaming", and places a bet at price 5.10 for £0.53. All good so far....

    What is alarming, is that each of my strategies, uses a different sized bank, and consequent different sized stakes are placed on the selection.

    MFP is doing its job by getting that right (thankfully!), but, for some reason, the SAME stake is being shown for the selection.

    If you look at the images attached, from the actual results statement, you can see that Streaming, has 0.53, 0.30 and  0.30 respectively, yet, when you look at the image of the CSV log, they ALL show 0.53 for the stake...

    The logging is really important to me because I also have another CSV file that get produced on the settled market, to indicate the Win/Loss ([sel_place]), and once I get these 2, then I have an application I made, which will then query these csv files and log the results into excel. BUT, I cant do that if the logs are incorrect.
  • #2 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 05 Dec 2017
  • Hello!

    Bets are updated every X seconds (either together with the market or once in 3 seconds by default). Therefore, the variable bm_laya does not acquire its value immediately after you have placed a bet: you need to wait for a while before writing that value to the log file, otherwise, naturally, the same (currently matched) value will be recorded to the log file.
  • #3 by markoone11 on 05 Dec 2017
  • OK, thanks for the response Oxa,

    I have a refresh of 0.2 in play...

    I am not sure how I am going to implement a delay, but I will try and figure out the logic of that.

    BUT, just so I am clear, if I have a horse named HorseA, and I have 3 separate triggers that have this as a selection, and if we use tr1, tr2 and tr3...

    can I be assured that..
     HorseA triggered by tr1 will have a specific bm_laya
    HorseA triggered by tr2 will have a specific bm_laya
    HorseA triggered by tr3 will have a specific bm_laya

    and at some point LATER, I can reference each of these separate bm_laya's ?

    and as per my last post, I should get 3 values, where bm_laya(tr1) = 0.53, bm_laya(tr2) = 0.30 and bm_laya(tr3) = 0.3

    is the bm_laya specific to a betID?

    I am struggling to believe that is the case, because if it was linked to a specific betID, then I should be able to get it at any point?

  • #4 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 05 Dec 2017
  • Sorry, but bm_laya always returns the amount of the latest matched lay amount. So if you have three triggers that place different bets on the same selection, then at some point later you will still have bm_laya point to the latest value only, not all three of them.

    The way out here is to place one bet, wait 0.3 sec (just longer than the refresh interval), then write to the log file. Then place the next bet, wait, write to the log file and so on.
  • #5 by markoone11 on 06 Dec 2017
  • Hi Oxa,

    Thanks for the response.

    Well, I really don't wish to be rude, but that is pretty poor...

    So, my rant is justified. MFP can't give me my basic requirement. I don't understand why a product that can do so much, fails in this basic requirement

    I know that a CSV file is produced in the statement folder, after every event is settled, BUT, those logs are not strategy specific, and so, if I have 10 different selections on 10 different strategies, some producing 2 or more bets on the same selection, then I have to manually go through everything in order to be able to log it properly - this is painful and very time consuming. I was hoping that MFP would have been able to handle a little more complexity, but, unfortunately, this means I will just have to stick to basic triggers.

    I may have to look at reverse engineering the bets into the specific levels, using the statement CSV file, but this is clumsy, and would have been easier to do if my trigger was able to log a stake amount, accurately against the selection inside my own CSV file.


    Many more complaints, but I am not going to air them here.

  • #6 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 06 Dec 2017
  • Fair enough, sorry to hear that, it might be worth to look for alternatives that allow doing what you are looking for.
  • #7 by rubold on 07 Dec 2017
  • A lot of users wouldn't consider the subject of your complaint as a basic requirement.  This software is so comprehensive it is difficult to appreciate at times.   Good luck in trying to find an alternative that even approaches what MFP can do.
  • #8 by markoone11 on 29 Dec 2017

  • Hi, to all that read this....
     I have only just read the responses above, as I have been away on other business..

     OK, first, I want to make something totally clear, in my honest opinion,
     There is NOTHING available that can do anything like MFP can.
     It is a VERY high quality product, and, as rubold quite rightly points out, the software is VERY comprehensive.

    Without any doubts, MFP is a brilliant piece of software, and it allows me to create some amazing strategies, purely because it has the capability to do pretty much anything that I personally want. No other product on the market has that capability, which is why I will ALWAYS use MFP.
     The reason I get upset, and rant, is NOT because I think MFP is a rubbish product, it is because I think it is the BEST product on the market, and my frustrations are because even though it is the best product, it lacks the capability to do some things, that I think it should easily be able to do.

    I apologize if people consider my comments negative, hopefully, my comments above will clear that up.
     I do have to disagree with rubold, on the first part of the response, because, I think being able to log a specific bet, is a basic requirement, and as such, if MFP could do that, it should then be possible to separate strategies, and be able to log on specific strategies, even if separate strategies use the same selection.
     My expertise lies in software development, and more specific HCI. I would say that if I were to take on the Betfair API, on my own, it would probably take me many years to get to a level like MFP.
     It is not my intention to be negative about MFP, I want to help it to improve.

    I would also end this by saying that suggesting I look elsewhere because MFP does not meet my requirements, is not productive, on a similar comment as "If you don't like it, there's the door" - of course, the developers of MFP cannot cater to my every whim.

    For its capability, MFP is seriously under- priced.

    Best Wishes

  • #9 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 29 Dec 2017
  • Hello Mark,

    Thank you for taking time to write this comment, it is very appreciated!

    I by no means meant to "show you the door." 

    Unfortunately, detailed logging of transactions is not on our immediate to-do list, as there are many other, more in-demand, features we have to work on at the moment. For that reason i suggested that you search for this functionality elsewhere as we are unable to satisfy that need with MF Pro.

    Still we are happy to have a tech-savvy customer like you, as you post some very interesting (albeit sometimes challenging) points here, on the forum. Thank you for staying with us! Hope you are having great holidays!