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Hi All

There seems to be a glitch as when using an older version after using "import selections for auto-trading" it would come with a message confirming how many selections were imported. This no longer seems to be the case in V I have had a search on here cannot find any references to this problem.

The other one is in regards to non-runners that would normally display after clicking on the "I" to return market information. For some reason it doesn't always seem to show up the non-runners in here (only sometimes). I have even tried starting my bot early as possible, refreshed the market after I know of non-runners and they still don't always show in here despite fact you clearly see they aren't show in the list of selections for this race. I have found this to happen a lot of the time. Please can someone advise why as I thought it would always show you the non-runners rather than needing to look at external sources.

Thanks for your assistance. :)



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Hey, please can someone help is this an error or is there a solution to either of these problems because not having much luck here??? Many thanks, Chris.

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Hi Chris,

This has been added to the forthcoming bugfix update.
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Hi Oxa

Thanks for the response. This is appreciated weren't sure if were only person experiencing these problems with (non-runners and import facilities).




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