• #1 by MartinSteiner on 07 Jun 2024
  • Dear Support Team, 

    I am not sure what happens if a horse withdraws and a reduction factor is applied. It seems as if some variables are adjusted by the reduction factor, and some not. 

    An example from Todays 19:40 Fairyhouse race:

    Before withdrawal: 
    11:51:56   Selection: Teofimo, initial expr.: 1 / last_traded - 1 / maxlt_30, intermediate: 1/15.50-1/15.50, final: 0.

    Then a withdrawal happens
    11:51:56   One or more runners have been withdrawn from market "Horse Racing / IRE / Fairyhouse 7th Jun / 19:40 Fairyhouse 7th Jun - 1m4f Mdn": Ozark Daze
    reduction factor was 35.34%

    After withdrawal:
    11:52:56   Selection: Teofimo, initial expr.: 1 / last_traded - 1 / maxlt_30, intermediate: 1/10.02-1/15.50, final: 0.03528427.

    It seems as if reduction factor is applied to last_traded, but not to maxlt_30.

    How can I modify the above expression, so that the result is zero after withdrawal, and also zero 30 minutes after withdrawal in case last_traded does not change? I know market variable reduction factor, but this does only work within the first 30 minutes after withdrawal. 

    I am looking forward for any hint!

    Kind regards,