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I do need to spend some time researching how to control MFPro from excel, as I am quite experienced at excel but have never tried to get this bit to work to see how easy or difficult it is and therefore how suitable it is to something like this.

I would say best avoid a "live link" between MFP and Excel if at all you can. The Excel link technology is outdated and known to be problematic. If outside data is needed in triggers MFP works well with text files. But if you can do everything in triggers alone that would be far better.

Glad the variables mentioned above were helpful.
Hi Mark, thanks for that info, I tested it out yesterday and it worked fine.

I put the variables into the view and as always it was very informative seeing when they appear and disappear, so once I captured them at the right time it then allowed the follow on triggers to work.

My next piece of work is to see if I can get two different trebles to work at the same time across different races which I think I can do OK. Then the real trick will be to work out how if the same horse occurs in two different trebles how I divide any profits up, which should be just a mathematical division of the profit by the respective stakes, but I suspect that will be the really tricky part.

I know once I have proven it over two trebles with an interlocking race the rest will scale, but as ever baby steps , only one change at a time and test at each stage.

My ultimate goal is to be loading up multiple trebles from excel differentiated by a different treble number. Obviously the downside of this is that the trigger and variables become quite convoluted as you multiply the blocks by the number of trebles.

I do need to spend some time researching how to control MFPro from excel, as I am quite experienced at excel but have never tried to get this bit to work to see how easy or difficult it is and therefore how suitable it is to something like this.

Триггеры / Подкоректировать триггер
« Last post by dorian7007 on 02 Jun 2023, 13:40 »
Добрый день,
Помогите пожалуйста в триггер добавить количество шагов догона. Например что бы после 3х неудачных догонных ставок, размер возвращался на базовую ставку.
I don't think there is a variable or numeric value that one can use for previous triggered events settled p/l. The usage of this as mentioned in your first post is simply something like  is > 0 or is < 0 etc.

I think for you what you want to do it it best to calculate the next events stakes in the current market as soon as it gets settled as you have the values of win and place settled p/l as mentioned above. Then use these calculated values as stakes in the next event.

thanks for the info, I will try out the variables you suggest and test today.

In regard to previous trigger events P/L I did some more testing last night and could not get it to work in any fashion. 

Would you think it should run against the settled market as the markets settled P/L does or should it be applied in a different way?
The help file says on previous triggered event's
"Checks the parameters of the market that immediately precedes the current market (according to its start time), provided that the current trigger has been applied to that market. That is, the program will look for markets where the trigger has been executed before. If it finds one or more such markets, it will pick the one that starts just before the current market. If there aren't any that fall in this category, the condition will not be satisfied."

If you have separate triggers for Win and Place then it should work, but it is start time related, so could be open to error if there are delays etc.

But I would suggest setting 2 user variables in the current market when it is settled, which you could then use in the next markets:

prefix rcwin_ points explicitly to horse race win markets
prefix rcplc_ points explicitly to horse race place markets

so 1 trigger, with 2 actions, market status is settled, scope: individually for each event, to write the following values to user variables:

then you will have Win and Place profit/loss separately for each event which you can use.

Hope this helps.

Sorry should have added the other question, which is more important. Can you tie down the condition "previous triggered event P/L, to a specific trigger?

Otherwise the rest is academic.
Just as an update to this, I have in the end got a single EW treble trigger to work, using the market P/L but tied down to win or place markets respectively. So the logic now works.

The final bit I need to do is to scale it so I can have multiple trebles loaded from excel.

For this I will need to be able to determine which trigger has had a win or place return, rather then it just being the generic win p/l or place p/l so I am back to my question from the first post.

How do you apply the "previous triggered event P/L" to make it work?

I have tried replacing "markets settled pl" for this on a settled market but nothing happens
I am just puzzling over this one at present, it was something I looked at a while ago, and put it on the back burner and am just having another look.

Basically I am wondering how granular previous triggered events / settled PL is and how/where you actually apply it so that is changes the stakes before the next bet. 

I have been working on a trigger for EW trebles based on the back-accumulator-staking-plan.

But as I want to effectively make the bets  in both the win and place markets I am trying to find a way to get each trigger block (win part) and (place part) aware of if their specific bet has returned a profit or not. This is so that if the horse places, the win part will be zero, but the place part will be the profit+stake of the previous bet into the next place market..

The prebuilt trigger just uses  market p/l >0 for when the market becomes settled, and this obviously does not address the above scenario so am thinking I need to use previous triggered event P/L. But I cannot find much about it in the help.

Ih short if I want to base in on the triggered event P/L will this then differentiate between the win part p/l? and how do I apply it so it works in advance of the next bet?

I can get the treble to work OK in just win markets or just place markets, but am struggling to pull the two together so that they are independent of each other in calculating the next stake but working together for the next bet..

I feel like I am missing something very simple and fundamental.

Any suggestions appreciated.
Triggered betting / Re: Novo Gatilho
« Last post by Flavio Lucena Da Silva on 30 May 2023, 19:05 »
Vou fazer os testes...

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