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BJ trigger question
« on: Sun, 15 May, 2016, 05:12 »
Hi Team

Has anybody out there tried using a BJ trigger whereby it will place a lay bet on the dealer to win or tie only when he has a 7,8 or 9 and any player has a BJ?

I have been trying to get this to work by using an old trigger that was posted for a different method. It does work most of the time but sometimes a lay bet is made when the dealer has a 10 point card showing. This is not supposed to happen. I cannot figure it out. :(

(You also need a bank that can handle the liability whenever the above conditions are true)

Anyway any input would be gratefully accepted  :)

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Re: BJ trigger question
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 26 August, 2016, 23:12 »
As with any straight odds strategy, as they say, if it has odds no matter how big then the bet could win and you would lose.
You can do this with a single trigger:-
lay dealer round 2
If Met- Dealer points is in list 7,8,9 AND Any other selections cards contains values blackjack.
Using Time Machine for July 2016, didn't get far to find the answer.
See screen shot, Turbo BJ 06/07/16 3:50 the 9 in the dealers hand completes a 5 card charlie.
On a good day the strategy might make around 35-40 wins.
No not a winning strategy. Keep trying though.