Author Topic: Video tutorial X-Feeder Quick Settings  (Read 11632 times)

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Video tutorial X-Feeder Quick Settings
« on: 17 Jan 2014, 17:12 »
I hope it will be useful for X-feeder users, who don't like to read manuals and prefer to watch short video.

Video tutorial X-Feeder Quick Settings.

In our Youtube channel you can find also russian language tutorial.

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome!
Only one thing we are asking for - please write only about video tutorial.
All other question we can discuss on our web-site in contacts.
Срочно!! Ищем разработчика триггеров на постоянное оплачиваемое сотрудничество!
Разработка триггеров для X-Feeder по вашим стратегиям
X-Feeder triggers development according to your strategy

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Re: Video tutorial X-Feeder Quick Settings
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This post has nothing to do with troubleshooting. Is it possible for it to be moved to the appropriate "triggers for sale" part of the forum, please ?


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