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  1. Green up trigger
  2. Importing a trigger to Bet VPS
  3. Triggers button
  4. X Feeder & Time Machine not working?
  6. X-feeder down?
  7. X-Feeder fails to refresh ( or slow to refresh )
  8. Target Profit and Max Loss - Trigger stop working
  9. Problem with time machine
  10. X Feeder Stops
  11. Help with X-Feeder
  12. Target reached , channel doesnt stop
  13. laying at price drop
  14. Default bet amount is changing random
  15. X Feeder Doesnt run on VPS
  16. sorting order & matching
  17. How to only bet after 2 losses for your strategy without betting on the 2 losses
  18. Betfair Api feed randomly freezing until I click on refresh
  19. simple laying trigger
  20. multiple triggers
  21. Downloaded trigger trailing-stop-loss-lay.xml but it needs to be mft
  22. MFP has stopped placing bets automatically
  24. Xfeeder
  25. Does X-Feeder work at all in REAL MODE anymore??
  26. failed trigger and refund
  27. XFeeder won't open
  28. markets not settling
  29. previous triggered event status
  30. Bets failing to be placed when left running for more than a few days.
  31. dúvida como deixar valor fixo de aposta
  32. MFP equivalent of "Weighted Average Price of all bets placed" is...?
  33. XFeeder and Time Machine crash : 0EEDFADE exception in timemachine.dll
  34. Trigger editing - Warning message: There are error messages displayed...
  35. Possible bug within x-feeder: card[st]_[number][_suit] logic, or am I confused?
  36. Cannot start X-Feeder
  37. Hi ! I got some questions
  38. Trigger Folder
  39. PC Crashes When I Select Triggers
  40. login problem
  41. Book value for most_traded_price
  42. Multiple MFPro Profiles Lag
  43. Reset Consec Losses/wins
  44. Problem in logging in!
  45. No SP lay bets with real money
  46. Login error
  47. Multiply the stakes after loss and back to original size after next win
  48. Help with "edit conditions"
  49. Xfeeder via VPN
  50. x-feeder
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