Author Topic: Betfair Api feed randomly freezing until I click on refresh  (Read 3128 times)

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Hi All, noticed today a few markets randomly stalling the Api feed until I click on refresh, then it starts again. 
Only have 1 or two markets monitored at one time (horses 5 mins before off and inplay).

Have reduced refresh rates from 0.20 to 0.40 and it's still happening, and have switched to a different WiFi group. No error codes logged, it's just stalling.

I saw an earlier thread on this exact issue, back on page 12 in 2017, but no real fix identified.

Any ideas, it's proving very unreliable and costly when it backs then freezes, failing to trade out.

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It's usually an internet problem, I used to experience it until I started using a VPS.


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