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Triggered betting / Re: Advice please
« Last post by bobh on 21 Mar 2023, 10:59 »
Thanks Mark,

I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Only on Aussie races.

Triggered betting / Re: Advice please
« Last post by MarkV on 21 Mar 2023, 09:57 »
I don't think you are far off but I think you need to filter out selections with no back matched, and there should be just 2 selections with back matched. I've not tested this but give it a try:

set user variable: ra (remaining amount)
value: 20 - match_1_back_matched - match_2_back_matched

selections back matched is greater than 0
and selections trigger expression matching_number is equal to 2

then use ra as the amount in third trigger  

Triggered betting / Advice please
« Last post by bobh on 21 Mar 2023, 07:20 »
This will probably turn into a trigger request, but while I am working out the details, could someone please help with this problem please.

I am backing three horses per race (all are imported).

I'm investing a maximum of $20 (say) per race.

First trigger - The lowest priced horse (match_1?) is backed to win $2 (say).
Second trigger - The highest priced horse (match_3?) is backed to win $15 (say).
Third trigger - The remaining horse (match_2?) is backed (at whatever price) with the balance of funds left from the $20.

So, if first bet is $8 and second bet is $5, the third bet (match_2?) will be $7.

What is the formula for the amount in that last trigger?

I have tried 20 - match_1_back_matched - match_3_back_matched and a few others, but no success.

20 - allbets_bm_amount works if all other races are settled, but it's not really satisfactory with protests or delays in settling.

If it's a simple solution I apologise, but I'd appreciate your assistance.

And if it needs a trigger request, I'm happy to submit.

Triggered betting / Re: Trigger check
« Last post by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 20 Mar 2023, 16:02 »

I have tested the triggers you attached in a variety of horse racing and Greyhound markets.

The triggers work as expected.

Here are possible reasons why they stop placing new bets for you:

- because of the high odds you want to lay at, and consequently high liability, you run our of money after the second loss. Check for the "Insufficient funds" error in the Program Log.

- markets are deleted as soon as they are settled, which prevents the loss recovery from working correctly. Make sure you turn this setting OFF: Delete finished markets automatically in General Options. Alternatively, you can leave it turned on, but set to Delete all except 20 most recent markets.

- once the loss recovery is activated, the triggers will lay on the potential horse's only if it's price is in the range of min_odds to max_recovery_odds. It is possible that you have overlooked this constant, so its value is too low.

I hope this helps to resolve your problem. No changes to triggers are needed.
Triggers / Thank you!
« Last post by BillingBot (WellDoneSoft) on 20 Mar 2023, 15:52 »
Obrigado por criar um pedido GRATIS para o nosso serviço de desenvolvimento Trigger.

Seu tópico agora está aberto para o nosso pessoal e alguém irá responder-lhe em breve.

 Observe: o tópico será movido para a seção pública do fórum de acordo com nossos termos e condições.

Se por algum motivo você mudar de opinião e decidir manter seu pedido privado por favor clique neste link

Entre em contato com o suporte se precisar de ajuda.
Triggers / Lay galgos alteração da trigger para lucro fixo
« Last post by Ruan P on 20 Mar 2023, 15:52 »
Olá gostaria de saber se alguém pode alterar essa triger para LUCRO FIXO.
Exemplo, eu coloco pra ganhar 10 reais o bot irá calcular automaticamente a responsabilidade conforme a ODD.

Eu uso para lay galgos com lista, fico no aguardo e agradeço.

Triggered betting / Re: How To Find Why Crashing?
« Last post by MarkV on 20 Mar 2023, 15:09 »
Just to add to Tim's suggestions, also might be worth clearing old log files. Item 3 here.

For support you can click the support tab on the left of the forum and open a ticket. Or send an email to [email protected]

Triggered betting / Re: How To Find Why Crashing?
« Last post by JimShelly on 20 Mar 2023, 10:13 »
Thank you for all that. I'll take the steps you suggest.

How do I send the files to the support team?

Triggered betting / Re: How To Find Why Crashing?
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 20 Mar 2023, 09:44 »

Sorry for you bad experience.
MarketFeeder is a complex software with wide freedom to customise. 
Despite of massive testing before each release there is a possibility for you to "find"
a set of options that we've not tested and that causes a crash.
I would suggest this routine:
1. Clone your current profile (from the login window) and try.
2. Create a new profile.
3. Switch off logging for unimportant triggers, could be a slow disk.
4. Send your triggers (and settings if possible) to our support so we could run it and debug.

Triggered betting / How To Find Why Crashing?
« Last post by JimShelly on 19 Mar 2023, 18:10 »

My MarketFeeder keeps crashing.

I have a trigger running and I come back a few hours later and it has stopped; not just the trigger is not longer running, but the program has quit and I have to restart it again. This has happened every day for the last week.

There are no messages. There is not entry in the Program Log (the last entry is "New Score in ..."), and no indication of what happened.

How do I find out why the program is quitting? And how do I fix it?

Thank you for any guidance you can offer,
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