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Troubleshooting / Re: Problem with "Amount"
« Last post by MarkV on 09 Jan 2024, 18:06 »
These small bets could be the result of compensation bets
Your IF formula is a good idea or you could try: MAXV(balance/100, min_stake)  
Troubleshooting / Problem with "Amount"
« Last post by pfc on 09 Jan 2024, 01:59 »
MFP is firing small bets (i.e. less than the min bet allowed by Betfair) even though "allow small bets" is NOT checked in Settings when I use in the "Amount" a formula like "balance/100" or "total funds/100" and the resulting mathematical "Amount" is less than min bet allowed by Betfair.

I was shocked to notice this after a good number of bets were executed by MFP. Thank heaven Betfair hasn't yet restricted me !

Please advise if the problem is a glitch. In the meantime I've had to use an IF condition in "Amount" that the bet amount must be equal or more the min bet allowed by Betfair.

Troubleshooting / Re: X Feeder & Time Machine not working?
« Last post by SpaceBlaster on 04 Jan 2024, 21:32 »
Thanks MarkV, well spotted. One of the test triggers I was playing with had an option to switch on Auto Dutching in the settings menu so all sorted.

While you're here..... how do I get support from Tim?  He built a paid trigger for me a few weeks trigger and hasn't replied to any of my feedback messages as it doesn't quite follow the rules I gave him.

Thanks... SB
General discussion / Re: Export a Log of bets
« Last post by Kev on 03 Jan 2024, 11:50 »
Thanks Guys, i have most of this working apart from being able to differentiate between different methods in the logs. This might be difficult as the different methods could be placing bets on the same selection.

If i can not get this working i will put a request in to get this written and then we will see if it is indeed possible with market feeder pro.

The reason i need this is that i want to ran 10 methods for example, then after some time say 1 month i want to see how each individual method has performed

btw i think the best way might be to write 3 csv's

trigger log to capture details of when bets are iniatiated
matched log to capture details of when each individual bet is matched
result and sp log to capture betfair sp and results

these should be linked by market_id , sel_id and hopefully an bet_id if i can find it or make it myself

I have a couple of questions that might help me progress

1. Is there a unique betfair id built in to the software that will gives an index for each bet request 

2. Would it be reccomended to have each method running in its own block, if so what are the limitations, is there a limit to how many blocks i can use?

3. Is it possible to make a matched bet log where as each bet is matched on a selection then a new line is added to the log that contains only the new bet stake etc, so if there are 20 bets matched on one selection then it shows 20+ individual rows. There might be fore if some bets are partly matched.

4. Does the approach seem correct for what i am trying to achieve?
General discussion / Lifetime License for Sale £149
« Last post by JohnBJ on 03 Jan 2024, 04:15 »
Hi Guys,

BetFair doesn't accept bets from my country any longer, so I can't use the software.

I'd like to sell it for £149.

Please email me if you're interested.
[email protected]

Troubleshooting / Re: X Feeder & Time Machine not working?
« Last post by MarkV on 02 Jan 2024, 19:44 »
I'm not too familiar with X-Feeder but in the status bar of your second screenshot it shows a bet placed by Auto-Dutching. If you are using a trigger then it would be best to switch off Auto-Dutching in the settings.  
Troubleshooting / X Feeder & Time Machine not working?
« Last post by SpaceBlaster on 31 Dec 2023, 13:04 »
Hi all

I've had a subscription for a few weeks and trying to get to grips with the software.

The results from XF with Time Machine didn't make any sense with some of the demo triggers so I created the simplest of triggers for BlackJack to place a back bet on Player1 in round 2.  After slowing everything down and looking at the statements the problem is -

It's placing back bets all over the place in round1 and round 2, Player2, Dealer Wins, Only one has etc... just random selections.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance... SB
Troubleshooting / Re: Installation
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 30 Dec 2023, 17:41 »
MarketFeeder runs on Windows only.
If you don't have Windows you can use our BetVPS service.
Troubleshooting / Re: Installation
« Last post by t on 30 Dec 2023, 01:56 »
Thank you. Is it possible to not running on Safari Ios system?
Troubleshooting / Re: Installation
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 29 Dec 2023, 18:13 »
  • Download the software installer.
  • Run the installer
  • Start the app from Start -> Programs -> MarketFeeder Pro 8
  • Log in using your BetFair credentials
  • Copy your subscription key when asked.
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