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Triggered betting / Re: Trainer trigger format
« Last post by MarkV on 12 Jul 2022, 10:14 »
If you are manually looking for trainer names spelling as per Betfair API, put MFP in Full Mode or Race Mode and read the trainer name from the silks data. A trigger could also write this data to a text file for future reference.

Variations I've seen on example trainer: Tim Easterby, TD Easterby, Timothy D Easterby etc...
my suggestion here would be to use the FIND function on the surname only: FIND("Easterby", "silk_trainer") is greater than 0

Triggered betting / Re: Trainer trigger format
« Last post by shakeshuck on 11 Jul 2022, 17:45 »
Thanks Mark - logging the trigger expressions has shown me what's wrong; it is the name format.

I am now confused, though - I thought I'd read that I should be using Betfair's names; I had taken the names from what appears when you hover the cursor over the horse name on the exchange. These are apparently not the correct ones. Where should I be looking to get the correct Jockey/Trainer names?
Troubleshooting / Re: Strange auto-greenup
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 11 Jul 2022, 14:56 »

Could you please check the price of bet placed (you can find it in the program log), not matched.
In real mode especially in-play different matched price changes the proportion.
Unfortunately software can base its calculations on the price it's got but it could change rapidly after bet sending...
Triggered betting / Thank you!
« Last post by BillingBot (WellDoneSoft) on 11 Jul 2022, 14:18 »
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Triggered betting / Trigger lay futebol
« Last post by Isaac on 11 Jul 2022, 14:16 »
Meu querido, Tá quase perfeito meu bot

Vocês poderiam alterar os meus pedidos nos bots que eu anexei?

 Só acrescentar essas duas coisas:
  • Que o bot entre em partidas que já saíram x gols (Número de gols determinados por mim)

              Exemplo: O bot só entra lay gol limite em partidas que já saíram 1 gol, 2 gols... Beleza?
  • Que o bot recupere em stake fixa que eu determinar.

             Exemplo: Eu coloquei o bot pra recuperar a perda em até 3 vezes. Então gostaria de um campo   que eu pudesse editar que na primeira recuperação, por exemplo, ele entre com $12, na segunda com $30 e na  terceira com $90. E encerra assumindo o prejuízo na terceira tentativa e recomece no pròximo
Sou fâ do trabalho de vocês! Abraços

 Só ressaltando que são gols determinados para apenas um time
Triggered betting / Re: Trainer trigger format
« Last post by MarkV on 11 Jul 2022, 12:59 »
Temporarily switch on log trigger expressions in the logger settings. You will see the comparative values for the condition in the log.

Another option (and probably the easier) is:
selections trigger expression "silk_trainer" is in list "Alan King", "Tim Easterby", "Jo Hughes" 
Triggered betting / Re: Trainer trigger format
« Last post by shakeshuck on 11 Jul 2022, 10:19 »
Hi Mark,

Yes, silks data is ticked - I have a jockey name condition elsewhere that seems to be working.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger Request Please
« Last post by Nick Koumpan on 11 Jul 2022, 09:45 »
Thanks Rubold. Much appreciated. Is this trigger the closest one that matches out of all the triggers or is there another trigger that I could amend?
Troubleshooting / Re: X-feeder down?
« Last post by stenlyaka on 10 Jul 2022, 18:14 »
I confirm .
Its back working now .
Probably Betfair's fault for an hour or so .....
Troubleshooting / Re: X-feeder down?
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 10 Jul 2022, 17:48 »
Nope, works fine to me.
Probably a problem with your access to BetFair...
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