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Suggestions / Re: Telegram
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 17 Aug 2022, 20:10 »

Este recurso ainda não está pronto.
Peço desculpa pela inconveniência.
Você está interessado em tal recurso no MF? 
O Telegram é uma maneira conveniente de receber notificações?
Suggestions / Telegram
« Last post by hwmartins on 17 Aug 2022, 20:00 »
Alguém aqui já conseguiu configurar o MarketFeeder para enviar notificiação para o Telegram?
Триггеры / Re: Тестирую Ваш триггер
« Last post by max23 on 17 Aug 2022, 11:47 »
Ок! Не надо делать новый триг с доп условиями, хотя бы исправьте Ваш триг , выложенный Вами на форуме!!
Triggered betting / Re: Another small bet problem
« Last post by shakeshuck on 17 Aug 2022, 11:28 »
Ah, that's a useful one - thanks, Tim.
Triggered betting / Re: Another small bet problem
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 17 Aug 2022, 10:41 »
I'm afraid placing a condition to your triggers is the only way to have a custom "small bets" limit.
If the limit set by BetFair for your currency is good for you just switch off "Allow small bets" option.
Or you can set the bet amount field to MAX(your_min_bet_amount, your_amount_calculated) to "round" it to your_min_bet_amount if it's less. Of course if this option is good for you.
Triggered betting / Re: Another small bet problem
« Last post by shakeshuck on 17 Aug 2022, 10:22 »
Hi Tim,

I'd turned compensation bets off previously as I'd had problems.

What I was asking was if there is a way to ignore bad bets (too small), but still place the 'good' bets, instead of cancelling all of them?

I have temporarily added a constant 'max lay price' to the trigger to help, but it's not ideal.

It might also be handy to have a minimum bet amount, too (for when the bet amount calculates to less than £0.01) - I don't mind wasting pennies here and there for backing a 100/1 shot when that's preferable to missing the win. ;)
Triggered betting / Re: Another small bet problem
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 17 Aug 2022, 08:44 »

Have you seen this topic?
Probably the problem is with compensation bets.
Для заказа работ по триггерам используйте пожалуйста специальный раздел и процедуру заказа.

I have a set of horse race markets. The markets loaded are Place, 3 TBP and 4 TBP, one of which I place a bet. Of course, obviously, you can't have 3 TBP and 4 TBP on the same time/meeting. Place is ALWAYS available, unless its a win only condition, and besides, I only bet in races with at least 6 runners, so we always have a Place and (4 TBP or 3 TBP)

I am looking to gain 1.05 points, and then stop betting, and I use the total_won trigger expression to determine this.

The problem is, even though I can see that I have gained at least 1.05 points, there may be a bet that is still in place.

So, I am looking to check the total_won value ONLY once the place and corresponding 3 TBP/4 TBP have settled, given that I have placed a bet in one of these markets, and only then allow a further bet if the 1.05 points has not been reached. I can do the majority of this, but I am not sure how to check that the place and corresponding TBP have both settled.

Is there a simple way to achieve this?

Triggered betting / Another small bet problem
« Last post by shakeshuck on 16 Aug 2022, 16:45 »
Up until yesterday I was running a rather large ruleset that still didn't cover all requirements ( some bets were being placed that I didn't want), so I decided to simplify the MF side of things by generating a file from elsewhere, and having two simple triggers (one back, one lay).
The issue I now have is that if multiple selections occur in the same race, and one of those is a high-priced lay so the stake would be too small to place, it now doesn't place the valid bets for that race either ("All bets will be discarded"), even though I have "Place small bets in one batch" unticked.

Is there a way to stop it doing this?
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