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Триггеры / Re: Мин ставки
« Last post by max23 on 20 Jun 2022, 14:40 »
Просто я сейчас в качестве эксперимента поставил на сайте биржи ставку Против в 1$ и она взялась, может сейчас это мин порог или глюк биржи?
Триггеры / Мин ставки
« Last post by max23 on 20 Jun 2022, 14:37 »
Здравствуйте! подскажите какие сейчас мин ставки За и Против на бирже в $.
Раньше было 3 $, можно ли поставить 1$Против(с обязательствами 10$), по идеи эта та же ставка За в количестве 10$  с выигрышем в 1 $. Или все равно нужно ставить 3 $.
Если на сайте BF ставить Против в 1 $, что будет?
Triggered betting / Trigger conditions not met consistently
« Last post by shakeshuck on 19 Jun 2022, 08:37 »
I have a trigger set as per back_log (below) to back a horse if the price has risen in the last 10 minutes. The 10 min price is captured using remember.

The problem is that sometimes the condition is met, and sometimes it isn't - even though it should be.

The log in this example shows the condition to be FALSE, even though the price was obviously higher at the time (compare the prices in 10_price (10 mins before the off) and 1_price (1 min before) captured by the same triggers (the prices in the text files are back and lay respectively)).

What could be causing it to miss the valid condition? Like I said, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger request
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 19 Jun 2022, 07:20 »

Please find triggers file attached.
You can set bet price, amount, market and selection for first and second bets at the top of the triggers with constants.
Please note when you change them and save the file it'll place a new portion of bets with new settings on all markets (fit the new conditions of course) even if there were bets placed before. Let me know if you need me to add a bunch on conditions to prevent such behaviour.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger request
« Last post by representjah on 19 Jun 2022, 05:23 »
I would like the price to be pre-determined by myself. Lets say - lay 300 @ 2.3. I will edit the price/bet manually every time I need. It does not matter the bet be matched or not. Current price is not of an issue. 
Fórum Português / Dúvida sobre dois gatilhos simultâneos
« Last post by Elbert on 18 Jun 2022, 22:45 »
Quero usar dois gatilhos ao mesmo tempo, mas quero que cada um deles trabalhe de forma individual sem interferir no ciclo de recuperação um do outro. É necessário editar os gatilhos ou eles ja vem configurados dessa forma?
Desde já, agradeço à atenção!
Никто и ничто не может сделать ставку, противоречащую правилам биржи.
Другими словами, если Вы можете руками сделать такую ставку, то и программа сможет.
Программа - это "Ваши автоматические руки", не более.
Т.е. триггер, как описано выше  -невозможен или как?
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger request
« Last post by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 18 Jun 2022, 11:39 »

Would you like the trigger to place bets regardless of the current prices on selected selections (they could be matched at different price) or wait for the price you set?
Troubleshooting / Re: Email account for statement
« Last post by SteveB on 18 Jun 2022, 01:14 »
Brilliant, thanks Tim
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