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Our engineers reported all must be fixed.
Please re-download the markets.
Let me know if the data still missing.
Thank you.
Time Machine / Re: UK Horse Racing race status on Time machine files
« Last post by SEAN B on 03 Aug 2023, 16:05 »
np, thanks for getting on to it. Hopefully can be fixed 
Sorry for delay.
It looks like a bug in our database.
Our database administrator is trying to fix it asap but could take some time due to huge amount of data required to be extracted from backup.
Sorry for inconveniences.
Triggered betting / Re: Trigger request
« Last post by caw772 on 03 Aug 2023, 07:22 »
Sorry that is not what I want.

I want to select a runner only if it is the minimum out of the top four. I want to lay the third or fourth runner if it has the lowest rating of the top four runners.

So it is possible that out of the field of runners the lowest rated runner is not in the top four ranked runners but I would still have a selection.
Time Machine / Re: UK Horse Racing race status on Time machine files
« Last post by SEAN B on 03 Aug 2023, 06:51 »
Hi Tim,
Any news on this?
Triggered betting / Thank you!
« Last post by BillingBot (WellDoneSoft) on 02 Aug 2023, 14:02 »
Thank you for creating a FREE request for our Trigger Development Service.

Your topic is now open to our staff and somebody will reply to you shortly.

Please note: the topic will be moved to the public section of the forum according to our terms and conditions.

If for any reason you change you mind and decide to keep your request private, please click this link

Please contact support if you need help.
Triggered betting / Make Me A Trigger
« Last post by Greig on 02 Aug 2023, 13:59 »
Would it be possible for a trigger to be made that identifies the winning favourite position for the last race at the same track. (not previous event)

if so then i would like to be able to set a constant for the favourite i am looking for. Say 2 for example and if the 2nd fav won the last race then lay it. if it was not the 2nd favourite then no bet. If a simple step recovery could be added then that would be great.

Thanks Mark - I need to study this so I understand it properly.  I thought that exchange games commission was 2.5% worldwide; never considered any alternatives existed ...

Betfair commission rate varies according to country, discount package etc. The software has a built-in variable to detect your commission rate linked to your Betfair username. In your case it is 2.5% and the variable will return 0.025.

if you copy this formula:
Code: [Select]
(10/(1-commission))/(back_price-1)and paste it into the amount field in the backing trigger, it will automatically bet the correct amount to return 10.00 after commission.

Please see attached screenshots on a historical market showing statement after commission. In this example the commission rate is 5%    
The commission is a fixed 2.5%, and not variable, so if you win 10.00, you get 9.75.  My question was how to adjust the stke upwards in order to allow for this and therefore get at least 10.00 return ...
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