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Triggered betting / Need to change a trigger
« Last post by joaofrancisco on 02 May 2024, 23:33 »
Hello guys and girls...

Need some help to change a trigger that bet before the race to bet in-play. 

"Backing on the selection with the greatest increase in matched volume%"

The trigger is this:

I "only" want that this trigger start to check the variables only in-play and not 10 minutes before the off. And during the race, if the conditions are met the trigger fire the bet. You can keep all the same settings as it is.

I try by myself but it doesn´t work. Don´t see why... Can you give me a hand on this?
Triggered betting / Re: Imported picks bettings
« Last post by Sumsark on 02 May 2024, 10:37 »
Triggered betting / Read text from a file in a trigger
« Last post by fonecorp on 02 May 2024, 03:35 »
Hi there

Writing a value into a text file using a trigger is straight forward using the 'Write to a file' action. Is it possible to read a value from a text file using a trigger?

Paul Fone
Triggered betting / Re: problem with wito to file .csv
« Last post by MarkV on 29 Apr 2024, 18:03 »
Betfair include the trap number as part of selection name for greyhound markets
AUS horse racing the saddle cloth number is part of the selection name
UK and IRE horse racing markets have only the selection name

You might be able to remove the 1st 3 characters using an Excel function

7. Tralee Charlie  
Triggered betting / problem with wito to file .csv
« Last post by giucss on 29 Apr 2024, 10:05 »
Good moorning

I have a proble with write to file in SEL_NAME see to attached file

it writes to csv also number of horse  ES  7 Trailer Charlie , how to cut te number ?

i remember some time ago'  write to file did not write the number .

many thank
Проект закрыт.
Troubleshooting / Re: Problem with now_time_datestr
« Last post by andyock on 25 Apr 2024, 19:16 »
Thank you MarkV it's working that way - much appreciated.
Troubleshooting / Re: Statement
« Last post by joaofrancisco on 21 Apr 2024, 16:41 »
MarkV, you are completely right. By bad.

And about the other question? Is it possible to improve the statement report with those features (runners, the max and min in-play odds, OR, Final Place, Index)?

Afterall, most of this data is already available for free. Think about it or do some polls about some improvements that we users would like to see implemented.
Fórum Português / :: Criação de trigger - Horse Racing ::
« Last post by luizgabriel on 21 Apr 2024, 14:57 »

Alguém, por favor, pode criar um trigger com os seguintes critérios, para que eu possa assinar o marketfeeder:

> As apostas devem ser feitas apenas no mercado ao vivo - horse racing: GB e IE - mercado WIN;

> As apostas devem ser feitas apenas após 59 segundos do início da corrida;

> 1ª aposta: back no cavalo com odd entre 5 e 7;

> 2ª aposta: caso a aposta 1 seja total ou parcialmente correspondida e um outro cavalo tenha uma odd back <= 7, deve ser feita uma nova aposta no outro cavalo com esse intervalo de odd - do tipo back to win, ou seja, o valor back que eu quero ganhar (não do tipo 'stake');

> podem ocorrer apostas em até 2 mercados simultaneamente.

Muito obrigado!
Troubleshooting / Re: Statement
« Last post by MarkV on 21 Apr 2024, 12:38 »
It looks like only Market P/L is ticked in the filter buttons at the top of the statement. If you tick Back, Lay, Commission etc. you should get the full statement.
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